With proper care, hair and wig/units can last 2-3years.

The following instructions are for curly, deep wave and loose wave patterns. 

  • Wash or co wash hair

  • Condition while using a paddle brush starting from ends upwards.

  • Rinse and let air dry


 (Curly, deep wave, and loose wave patterns)

For sew ins use a spray bottle with warm water and conditioner to wet the hair. Use paddle brush or wig brushing direction from bottom to top. Do not finger through the hair during the day or it will cause the hair to puff and frizz. 

Sew-ins and Wigs 

(Straight, body wave, and all other patterns/textures) 

Hair can be co-washed, conditioned and styled as desired. It is recommended to use heat protectant for longevity of hair.


For wigs you can completely submerge the hair under water and condition using paddle brush to comb through. Rinse, squeeze dry and hang up to air dry. Shake in the morning and it will remain gorgeous! Do not finger through the hair. This will distort the curls and make hair frizzy.